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[#84] Vol. 24, No. 3, Fall/Winter 2013

"Message from the President"
"Paradise Garden Visitor Center Opens" by Janet Byington
"Without a Place for Vision the People Perish" by Norman Girardot
"Raleigh Symposium Features Four Outstanding Speakers" by Ann Oppenhimer
"Festive Folk Art Auction Full of Fun" by Ann Oppenhimer
"Two Environmental Sites Awarded"
"Five Awards of Distinction Presented"
"Recording Raleigh: Photographs of the 26th Conference"
"Larry Heath's Sculptures Exhibited" by Bryan Propst
"Singular Spaces: Spanish Art Environments" by Jo Farb Hernandez
"Malcah Zeldis Sculpts A New Medium" by Carol Millsom
"Finster Breaks Record at Slotin Auction" by Randall Lott
"Raw Vision Dazzles Paris" by Jim Arient
"Charles A.A. Dellschau: Book Review" by Charles Russell
"Obituary: The Flower Man" by Larry Harris
"Columbus Conference Flyer"
"Calendar of Exhibitions"


2014 FASA Conference Announced

The Dates Have Been Set!!!
The Folk Art Society's 27th Conference
will be in Columbus, Ohio, October 9-12, 2014.
Duff Lindsay is the Chairman.
Please check HERE for more information as we get it.

CALENDAR: Opening Soon

"April Harrison"
Opens Thursday, April 17, 2014
1500 N. Lombardy Street
Richmond, VA 23222
"Turquoise, Water, Sky: The Stone and Its Meaning"
Opens Wednesday, April 23, 2014
710 Camino Lejo off Old Santa Fe Trail
Santa Fe, NM 87504
"Ralph Fasanella: Lest We Forget"
Opens Friday, May 2, 2014
8th and F Streets, N.W
Washington, DC 20004